Queen Edith Chapel

Who Are We?

We would describe ourselves as an independent Christian church. We are led by people from inside our church community, while being happily part of the whole world-wide church.

We want to be like Jesus Christ and obey him because we believe that he is the key to life and death and to having a relationship with God.

For us the Bible is the thing that reliably tells us about God.

We believe in the value of all people because God loves everyone and wants them to get to know him, whoever they are.

We believe in worshipping and working together. Everybody contributes what they can to the aims of the church.

These aims are to
(1)Honour and obey God
(2)Care for and inspire each other
(3)Serve and influence our neighbourhood

We are committed to bringing the love of Jesus which we experience to the communities we are in, especially the Queen Edith Ward community.

Most simply put, we are a group of Christians.