Queen Edith Chapel



Who’s in charge?

May 5

Isaiah 40:1-11

God’s comfort: His coming to save

Keith Barnard

May 12

Isaiah 40:12-31

God’s credentials: His ability to save

David Stearn

May 19

Isaiah 41:1-20

God’s control over history: His promise to save

Jonathan Ryder

May 26


Focus Sunday


June 2

Isaiah 41:21-42:17

God’s foresight: His determination to save

Peter Beard

June 9

Isaiah 42:18-43:21

God rescues for witness and worship

David Stearn

June 16


Focus Sunday - Baptisms


June 23

Isaiah 43:22-44:11,18-23

God forgives and redeems

Paul Martin

June 30

Isaiah 45:14-46:13

Who is there like our God?

David Stearn

July 7

Isaiah 48:1-22

Listen, really listen, for true peace

Thorsten Klampfl



Paul’s second missionary journey

July 14

Acts 15:1-35

The Council of Jerusalem’s Letter

Malcolm Wylie

July 21

Acts 15:36-16:10

Changes of direction

Jim Ford

July 28


Focus Sunday


Aug 4

Acts 16:11-24

Two women in Philippi

Nick Mitchell

Aug 11

Acts 16:25-40

Prison at Philippi

Stephen Jones

Aug 18

Acts 17:1-15

Thessalonica and Berea

Phil Risdon

Aug 25

Acts 17:16-34

Religious Athens

Darren Chubb

Sept 1

Acts 18:1-23

Some time in Corinth

John Preece