Queen Edith Chapel

Service Times

Sunday Worship Service Sunday 10.30am-12.30pm

This is the time when the church meets together to worship.
Prayer, learning, singing, coffee and communion happen during this time.

Series: Walking and Talking - (Paul's Second Missionary Journey)

August 18th - Phil Risdon will speak on "Contrasting Receptions in Thessalonica and Berea"

August 25th - Darren Chubb will speak on "Religious Athens"

Sept 1st - John Preece will speak on "Some Time in Corinth"

Isaiah Series: Whose Still in Control?

Sept 8th - Stuart Wood will speak on "Salvation Anticipated: The Servant and the Restoration of Israel"

Sept 15th - Margaret Saunderson will speak on "Salvation Approaching: The Servant and God's Righteousness"

Sept 29th - Jonathan Ryder will speak on "Salvation Announced: Wake up! Depart!"

October 6th - Simon Ladd will speak on "Salvation Achieved: The Suffering Servant"

October 13th - David Stearn will speak on "Salvation Celebrated: Sing!"

October 20th - Sizewell Weekend. Kai Rentta will speak at QEC.

October 27th - Malcolm Wylie will speak on "Salvation Offered: Come! Seek!"

During part of the worship service, different age groups separate so that they can worship in a way that is best for them. Sunday school is for children aged 3-11 and SMG is for those at secondary school. There is also a crèche open throughout the service.


Focus Sunday
Sunday 10.30am-2.00pm – monthly

On one Sunday of the month we have a shorter, all-age service, after which there is a shared meal. Every two months on these Sundays there is a communion service at 5pm.

September 22nd - Harvest. (5pm Communion)

Communion service with prayer for healing at 5pm.



Prayer Meeting Wednesday 7.45-9.15pm - monthly

On the first Wednesday of the month, we gather together to pray about church life, missionaries we support and people in our fellowship.