Queen Edith Chapel

Our Vision

QEC aims to:
Honour & Obey God
Care for & Inspire each other
Serve & Influence our neighbourhood
In order to honour and obey God, we want
a) To encourage every member to worship and have fellowship with God on a daily basis
b) To encourage every member to worship regularly with others, and to contribute to the worship
c) To encourage every member to live a life of worship which involves every part of their lives, and influences their own community.
In order to care for and inspire each other, we want
a) To make sure that everyone feels that they belong, can contribute and are valued
b) To make sure that everyone is growing and developing their gifts, including leadership where appropriate
c) To make sure that everyone who is suffering receives comfort and support and the healing that Christ brings.
In order to serve and influence our neighbourhood, we will seek
a) To make ourselves available to others so that they will understand more of Jesus
b) To make our premises and activities available to others, and to find way of meeting their spiritual needs
c) To co-operate with other local churches and community bodies in order to be and communicate the good news locally
d) To embody and support the world-wide nature of the church.